Why did we choose compostable pods and capsules?

Why did we choose compostable pods and capsules?

The innovative Classe- Italian Style Coffee product line perfectly embodies the concept of quality, practicality and sustainability. Composed of four different blends, Delicata 100% Arabica, Audace miscela Robusta, Responsabile Biologica and Leggera miscela Dec, the new product line includes capsules compatible with Nespresso® and Lavazza A modo mio® coffee machines and pods compatible with E.S.E. System.

Why did Torrefazione Morandini choose compostable pods and capsules? We asked Pietro Morandini, legal representative of T.M. srl Torrefazione dei f.lli Morandini.


Pietro Morandini – owner and legal representative of T.M. srl Torrefazione dei f.lli Morandini (on the right in the picture)

Why did you decide to extend your product line to capsules and pods?

The single-portion coffee market is a growing business. In a few years the sales of capsules and pods has exceeded those of ground coffee and coffee beans. This change of course cannot go unnoticed and, to keep up with the times and not allow the competition to increase its market share, we decided to buy highly technological machines for the production of capsules compatible with Nespresso®, Lavazza A modo mio®, Espresso Point® and pods compatible with E.S.E. System.

Furthermore, with the production of capsules and pods, we completed our product range, becoming a complete coffee roasting company.

Why did you choose to produce only compostable capsules and pods?

The focus on the environment is becoming a significant market trend and it will be one of the most important features in the coming years. For us this means appealing to niche markets which recognize the value, in terms of quality, of our products. 

We want to work with those who understand the quality of our blends and who are able to appreciate the added-value enclosed in our single-portion doses. Offering a non-compostable product line would mean not following our ethic.

Moreover, to testify our reliability our capsules compatible with Nespresso and Lavazza A modo mio and pods compatible with E.S.E System are certified Ok Compost by TÜV AUSTRIA persuant to the UNI Standard EN 13432:2002.

The new product line Classe – Italian Style Coffee has been created to stand out from the pack. It is a fully compostable product line with an artistic packaging. Why did you decide to use artworks for this design?

Before choosing this tactic we did extensive market research and all our reports showed us that our competitors’ packaging was almost similar. The artworks, by the Italian artist Sara Lovari, turn our boxes into something unique, a creative pack which stands out on the shelves, like the product inside.

Why did you name the new product line Classe?

The name classe (in English class) perfectly embodies the values inside our products. To drink and to taste our coffee means to be able to appreciate a high quality product and Classe represents everything we believe in: the constant search for qualified suppliers and certifications to attest the quality of our raw materials.

Thanks to the new online shop Torrefazione Morandini offers a just-in-time service, confirming itself an innovative company with high quality and eco-friendly products and a consumer-oriented approach.

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