Coffee capsules:  how to reduce waste and to be eco-friendly

Coffee capsules: how to reduce waste and to be eco-friendly

Andy Warhol said “I think having land and not ruining it, is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want”. In everyday life we often loose sight of the result that our actions, even unconscious, may have on our lives and on the planet we live on.

Polluting detergents and plastic bottles are only a few examples of what is gathered from the oceans.

A sea of waste that lie on beaches where we run, get some sun and relax. All this happens for our laziness, because we don’t want to reuse a case or to use compostable and biodegradable products.

A human habit that is destroying our planet.


Coffee capsules: how to deal with them

Coffee capsules have been protagonists of a significant consumers’ habits modification in recent years and the widespread use of such a kind of coffee product presents us with a few questions: how the capsule is managed, once it has become waste? Is it environmentally damaging? The answer is: it depends on the type of capsule.

There are, on the market, capsules with different characteristics: those made of aluminum, those made of plastic and the compostable ones. All three types, when handled with understanding, may contribute to preserve the environment.

  • Capsules made of plastic are usually made of a plastic case containing coffee. The case is sealed with a “tab”, in technical terms named LID, made of aluminum. To manage it properly from the point of view of the waste, once capsules have been used, they should be handled as follow: plastic case (plastic waste) swould be separated from the lid (unsorted waste) and from the coffee (organic waste). Therefore, a separate collection of waste is possible if made with attention, but this kind of capsule doesn’t reduce plastic waste.
  • Capsules made of aluminum can be emptied of coffee and disposed of in the proper containers. Aluminum is a light and resistant material, 100% recyclable. It doesn’t delete waste, but it can be reused an infinite number of times.
  • Compostable pods, indeed, are the perfect mix between practicality and environmental sustainability. In fact, they can be disposed of in food waste without separating them from the coffee. In this way you don’t produce any kind of waste, because capsules are made of compostable and biodegradable materials, that decompose becoming a fertilizer for the ground.

The answer can be found in compostable capsules

Composting is an organic and aerobic process managed by man and through which organic materials become compost, a soil that can be used as fertilizer as it is rich in nutritional substances helpful for the ground. Compostable capsules such as the ones of our line Classe – Italian Style Coffee, can be therefore thrown in organic waste without separating the case from the coffee; becoming hearth and generating new life. A natural cycle that goes again.

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